Thursday, May 27, 2010

Something just really, really good.

I have HUGE feet (hush Tina). My feet are mostly flat, they tend to roll inwards which I think has something to do with having no arch, and they are large. Like, I have to buy my athletic shoes in the men's section because I have yet to find a comfy pair of women's athletic shoes. Like, I'd do just as well to wear the shoe box most days as the shoes that were in them. So it's extremely unusual for me to buy a pair of shoes without trying them on.

This week I ordered two pair from Zappos. One specifically for Zumba and a dressy pair, since I haven't replaced any of my 'good' shoes after they wore out and I wasn't working anymore. Really- it wasn't like I had anywhere to wear heels anyway and the thought of falling down a set of stairs while carrying one or both of the kids terrified me. I consider this a legitimate concern because when R and I were having our engagement pictures taken, I actually did fall down a set of steps. No, it the photographer didn't get it on film even though that would have been pretty funny. It's also why I decided I didn't want to have to walk down steps when I got married. Safety first and all that. Luckily, I was wearing a long blue knit dress so it covered the scrapes, scratches, and bloody knees. I am so totally not graceful. It's a little sad.

But back to Zappos. I've been debating about buying a pair of Zumba shoes for several months. The ones the instructor recommended cost more than I wanted to spend and the shoe manufacturer didn't offer wide widths. But, I did find a pair that's mostly mesh and therefore stretchy that other people reviewed as working well with people for people with wide feet that don't need much arch support - and that is me, my friends. Plus they were way more affordable and Zappos offers free shipping. Aren't they comfy looking?

I order the shoes and realize after I've completed the order process that I didn't change my shipping address from Germany to our current address. Aw, nuts! So I call the customer service center hoping that they can help me. If not, I might see those shoes by the time the kids leave for college. Seriously - we are still getting mail that was sent our way in January and is just now being forwarded. It's a mess. And I doubt the military post office would forward shoes anyhow.

So this is what happened - the customer service agent (the very sweet Diane) not only fixed the address, but she upgraded my shipping to overnight, added me to the VIP club, and then wanted to know if there was anything else she could do for me. Hands down the BEST customer service I have ever gotten. She emailed me confirmation of everything we talked about, and lo and behold, my shoes were at my front door by Wednesday morning (having ordered them late Monday night). I think I'm going to buy all my shoes at Zappos from now on. Good prices, fast shipping, excellent customer service, on target customer reviews...I'd be silly to order from anywhere else! And I'm not even being paid to review them! I :heart: Zappos!!!!! Now - off to Zumba in my new shoes!

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