Friday, September 28, 2012

Cauliflower Pizza


Yes, yes. I made this over a week ago and I'm just now posting it. I also have a Wordpress blog that I'm trying to get going (and sucking at it in case you were wondering) but I am having technical difficulties because I keep changing the password and then forgetting it. Frustrating. Also frustrating? It's not nearly as easy to upload a bunch of pictures and then tell a story like I'm about to do here. So while this is an entry meant to be on my health and fitness blog, it's on this one instead. Because sometimes that's just how things work out.

SO. Cauliflower pizza. It's yummy stuff. I was not a believer either until I tried it. So far I've made it 3 times and the third time was BY FAR the best effort. For my next attempt I'm going to put the crust in a skillet to get it evenly browned first instead of double baking it. I think that fake frying it will help it hold together better.

Here's how this batch of magic happened.

I cut up a head of cauliflower and steamed it in a microwave safe bowl (because the entire point of eating healthier is to not put unwanted things into your body and that includes substances from non-microwave safe dishes).

cauliflower - steamed, seasoned, mashed

After steaming the cauliflower, I mashed it up, seasoned it with pepper, garlic, and italian seasoning. I then added flaxseed meal that I'd mixed with water and allowed to set up.

flaxseed meal mixed with water
I flattened the cauliflower into five separate crusts, sprinkled them with low fat grated parmesan, and baked them at 375 for about 15 minutes, until the edges were brown.

ready to bake!
Pre baked and ready to top!
I had a can of low sodium petite diced garlic and onion tomatoes, so I drained and rinsed them, and then pureed them with my hand blender.

I spread the pureed tomatoes out on the crusts (which actually seemed to make them soggy - hence the idea about pan frying them next time), then topped it with diced onion, green pepper, mushrooms, sliced roma tomatoes, and low fat Sargento Mexican cheese blend.

I popped them back in the oven at 375 for about 15 more minutes until the veggies were cooked and the cheese was bubbly.

Now you KNOW you want to try this...
Taste wise? Out of this world! Structure wise? Better bring a fork and a napkin or six. I took some to my Zumba instructor and two of the ladies in class that wanted to try it. Two of them told me they loved it, and I never heard either way from the third. But I loved it. It passed the husband test too, even though he didn't like that the crust was kind of soggy and fell apart when he tried to pick it up as one piece. So pickly, that one!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Who Needs Viagra?


I haven't been posting much. I've been busy but who hasn't/isn't?

But here's the thing. When someone comments on my blog, I get an email. I've never gotten a bunch of comments, which is a shame, because I love me some comments. However, all the sudden I'm getting at least three or four comments on several different posts.  And the comments? They are all about getting Viagra or some other such ought-to-be-by-prescription only pills.

As if.

So if you want some probably fake Viagra or some Ritalin or Oxycontin or some such nonsense, let me know and I'll forward you the info from my spam folder. I'll do this from my newly purchased tropical island or rural country estate with the proceeds from a lovely Nigerian prince's inheritance that he'll be wiring to me shortly. Or that lottery I won even though I never entered one. ::snort::