Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Isn't that just the way?

Okay - quick updates on the last month or so.
- T doesn't have autism or register on the autism spectrum disorder scale.
- T doesn't have a speech delay, just an articulation problem.
- The school system wants him to come for speech therapy and socialization (to help with his self help skills and situational anxiety) but we didn't get this info until a week before school was out, so he won't start the program until next August. I find it so discouraging since we started this process in February.
- We took T to Trier for an Ear, Nose, and Throat appointment. The Dr. he saw said he has fluid trapped in his middle ears and needs tubes and to have his adenoids removed. We were really shocked. The surgery is scheduled for July 25, and of course that's the week R will be TDY for training. Of course.
- I actually got my new passport in about six or seven weeks. Since we waited four months for S's passport last year, I was really surprised.

We've started the potty training process, i.e. putting T in underpants instead of pull ups. Guess what? He doesn't care one bit if he's wet or poopy. I'm cleaning up so many accidents that every time S sees a paper towel, wash cloth, towel, or whatever, she leans over and starts wiping up the floor. It would be much funnier if my knees weren't so sore. On the bright side, the floors are really clean.

I am still looking for a program for T this summer. Jenny and Chrystal put their kids in Pamela's day care program. I'm a little surprised, but then again, they aren't hostile like I am. The FCC (family child care) office had a goodbye potluck/barbecue for Mrs. J a couple weeks ago. None of the parents from T's preschool program showed up to say goodbye. I thought that was pretty crappy. Although, Pamela and her three kids showed up, sans a dish, ate heartily and asked to take the rest of the hamburgers and hot dogs home with them. Shame! She was trying really hard to ignore me, but I made sure to walk over and say hello and then force her to exchange pleasantries with me without once mentioning child care. Does that count as hostile friendliness or just passive aggressive socialization? Hmm........