Saturday, September 18, 2010

We be illin'

Remember that song in the 80's by RUN DMC? Love that song! Rap was so much more fun for me when it was about fast food. Sigh. My household is illin', people.

Admittedly, I don't have a lot of experience with pink eye. Neither of my kids has had anything that even looked like it might be pink eye until last Thursday. S' pediatrican gave us a prescription for eye drops to be administered 3 times a day. R and I held her down and got two doses in on Thursday, and on Friday, her eyes looked totally normal. I'm not sure if that means we just caught it early or if she perhaps didn't actually have pink eye or what. But I'm very glad that her eyes are goop free and clear. Other than a stuffy nose, she's back to normal. And for whatever reason, she has grasped the concept of blowing he nose way before T did.

So, S was illin' but is feeling better. R has developed a monster cold sore that just looks...painful and awful. That means he's stressed out. Can't imagine why that would be, seeing that I'm so laid back and go with the flow and our kids are totally stress free. Bwaaahahahahahahaaaaaaa.

And I? Well. I can feel what I'm assuming is a migraine coming on. It woke me up about 1 am last night, so I took some medication and went back to sleep. S came in our room around 5 saying her nose hurts, and bless her heart, it's so chapped and irritated from being wiped constantly that I have no doubt she's miserable. I ended up getting down on the floor with her so she would go back to sleep, and just as she draped herself over me and goes back to sleep (seriously, she's like a cat that way), T wakes up and comes in and then all bets are off. It's about 7 am at this point, so R gets up with the kids. God bless him. I'm too tired and my head hurts too much to move back onto the bed, so I fall asleep on the floor and don't wake up until 10 am. Also? I'm so stiff and achy that I wonder for a minute or two if I'll ever be able to get up and move again. Over- dramatic me, I was fine in a few minutes. But my head has ached all day long.

Tonight was kids night at the Y, and R and I debated all day about if we should take S. She never had a fever, any discharge coming from her nose is clear, and it's not running very much at all. We decide to take the kids since we've already paid and they really want to go. But R and I end up staying home for several reasons. One, I didn't feel like going anywhere, two, we wanted to be reachable if S decided she wanted to come home, three, we were tired, tired, tired. There were other reasons as well, but that's kinda private. And Dad reads this. Love you Dad! Paintball is FUN. ::Snort::

Anyway, by 7:30ish we've had dinner and hung out, even watched a few episodes of the new Showtime series staring Laura Linney called "The Big C". Great show. We decided to go get some ice cream and then pick up the kids early. Only somewhere between Sonic and the Y? My stomach just revolts. Yuck.

So, now we are all home and the kids are in bed, exhausted from their evening...yay! R is asleep and I? I'm paying multiple visits to the Oval Office to see the porcelain god. So if you don't see a new post tomorrow? I be illin'.

peace out.

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