Sunday, September 26, 2010

After misery, there's pleasure. Thank goodness.

To my surprise and extreme pleasure, today was kind of anti climatic compared to the last week.

I'm feeling much better. (Whew!)

S is much quieter (methinks she might just have spent a bit 0'time in time out while I was out of commission. ::silent cheering::).

I even made it to the gym. R, to his credit, didn't even give me the stink eye over that one. We packed up the kids and headed out - him to swim, me to do some light cardio. My thinking was that I would work up a light sweat and it would help to break up my congestion.

Hey, it was a good idea.

It was. It was!

But then I ran into a friend of mine, we started walking laps together, and on our first lap around the track, she suggested that we jog.

Jogging and I? We have a hate/hate relationship. I hate to do it, it hates my body. I made it one lap at what was, for me, a pretty good clip and I was totally out of breath. Three walking laps later, we jogged another one. Seriously? It almost killed me. I'm just not a jogger. Today I made my peace with it.

God bless my friend, she and I switched to floor work: sit ups, ab work, planks, pull ups, vertical push was a great workout. And also? I got my stuff from the Pampered Chef party I attended with her a few weeks ago (you might all remember that better as bowl of margarita night). I bought a knife and I used it to chop up veggies for the vegetable beef soup I made tonight.

Can you be in love with a knife? Because I think I might be. It fits my hand perfectly, it slices right through all sorts of things like a hot knife through room temperature butter. Seriously, now I can actually see how chefs can be all whack whack whack and boom! An entire onion is in 2,000 tiny even pieces. Sa-weet!

So, if you need anything cut, sliced, diced, minced, or chopped? It would be my pleasure. Dinner tomorrow will be at 5:30..the possibilities are endless but will likely be in little tiny pieces. hee!

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