Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lovely, lazy Sunday

Yesterday was a frenzy of activity for us. We straightened up the garage which mostly involved spider and spider web removal and sweeping. It really needed to be done, though, and the weather was fantastic. We even saw our McNeighbors who were in and out (how is it that their garage is always clean?) and exchanged pleasantries. Mah-velous.

Since we cleaned our carpets and rearranged our furniture last weekend, mostly the house just needed a good once over. This means that instead of cowering under their beds in terror after leaving footprints (or heaven forbid dirt) on the carpet, the kids were free to move about the house freely without fear. Cause we are excellent parents that way. Full of love and understanding. Bwaaahahahaaaaa.

Just on a whim and kind of out of nowhere, I asked T if he wanted to go and get his hair cut. I was expecting the usual emphatic 'NO!!!" and a dirty look. Instead, he got all excited and jumped around yelling, "YES! I want a hair cut!!" Oooo-kay.

He and R took off for the barber shop, leaving a wailing, distraught S behind. I, showing further evidence of superior parenting skills ::eye roll::, distracted her with the equivalent of power tools for women -- the kitchen aide mixer. S and I made a very yummy lemon torte while the boys were gone, only I had given S the last yogurt as a snack, so I ended up having to go to the commissary anyway, which was a good thing because the bag in the freezer that I thought was broccoli? It was green peas. Not quite the same. Also? I hate it when I don't pay attention when it matters. Like when you're serving a broccoli dish for dinner and you have no broccoli. Luckily, the yogurt situation prompted me to make sure we had the rest of what we needed, which is how I discovered that we were out of broccoli, but not out of peas. I could be a vegetable detective. ::Snort::

Anywho. The guys came back and T's haircut? Man, did we get our $10 worth! But he looks adorable. He looks so grown up with his hair that short, and his hair looks so much nicer since I didn't do the cutting. I can never get it even, even with the clipper guards. And how nice that two to three of us don't have to restrain a screaming, crying toddler who has no intention of getting a hair cut. What a difference a couple of years have made! And as the very definition of sweetness, R said when they offered T a lollipop yesterday he asked if he could have one for S before he took one. And then he brought it home and gave it to her. Without hair on it.

After the haircut. Cute, right? And this is what happened the last time I cut T's hair. Ooops.
So that was yesterday. Today? We pretty much just enjoyed the weather and the kids learned how to fly kites. I think R and I had as much fun as they did. And the a/c? Is still off and the windows are still open. Yay for fresh air!

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~*Sammie y Gary*~ said...

Haha!! love the pics! Too cute!