Friday, August 20, 2010

I wish my hair would do that...

When S was a baby, her hair naturally formed a little blonde mohawk. As it grew and filled in, to say she was reluctant to let me get it out of her eyes is a dramatic understatement. Any barrette or rubber band or clip that I put in her hair would be immediately pulled out. And if any hair was pulled in the removal process, wailing and anger ensued (not that I blame her on that one).

S is also a hair twister,and when she first started twisting her hair, it took me awhile to figure out how to untwist and untangle it without having to cut any out or break it off. As a result, one side of her hair was way thinner than the other. It was starting to look a bit...strange. So, I took S for her first haircut to the fabulous and talented Jen Temple, who ended up bobbing it off just below her chin. It looked so much better. And I guess that's the first time I noticed how lovely S's hair really is.

Now that her hair is much longer (and many thanks to Ms. Helen and Ms. Ashley for helping to convince my stubborn, lovely daughter that pulling ones hair back is not a bad thing) and she's a bit older, S is all about hairstyles. Braided, ponytails, pigtails....she has an opinion every day about how she wants her hair done. Fortunately for me, this makes her much more willing to have said hair brushed which can be tricky if she's twisted it during the night and I don't catch it before I start brushing it.

The more we do with her hair, the more I admire it. I can french braid it when it's still wet, leave it braided for an entire day and the waves will disappear in a matter of hours once we take out the braids. Right now, she wants to let her hair grow "to her knees". We'll see how long it gets before she changes her mind, but if I had her hair? I'm afraid I'd try to be a walking hair commercial. With all the tossing and flipping I'd probably do, I'd probably have a permanent crick in my neck, so I guess it's a good think I grew up in the hairspray laden 80's, because back then? My hair was so shellacked with Jeri Redding freeze-spray that in a strong wind all my hair moved as one. No individual hair was allowed to exist separately from the collective. I guess I had the borg of hair. heh. Prepare to be assimilated. Resistance is futile.....

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