Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cruise summary

Oh, my. Where to begin?

It was hot. I mean....hooooootttttttt. Like, it's getting hot in heerrrreeee hot. The pool was small in comparison to the amount of people on board, but let's be honest...would cruisers rather have a larger pool or more room for food? Why, more room for food, of course. Plus the water was really salty. Burn your eyes right outta the sockets salty. The bonus of that? You float so much easier. The downside? Fifteen minutes in the water and you're halfway to being cured meat. Just sayin'. I think I came back from the cruise even paler than when I left. I'm totally okay with that because it also means no sunburn. Woo!

Speaking of food...the food on board? W.O.W. I tried to make sure I tried some new things, which I did, but gosh..the choices were overwhelming. Here are some pictures of the loveliness I consumed:

What could possibly be better than the food? The company. I was with three amazing women. Funny, smart, kind, supportive....good friends are hard to find and even harder to keep. I feel so blessed to know these women.

During the course of the cruise we sang along with (but chickened out on performing) karaoke, saw a music type show and a comedy show, got our boogie on, listened to some great live music, and we laughed a lot. A whole lot.

My plan was to come home and write all about the cruise, but really? Let's just sum it up by saying I had a great time and I'm so grateful to R for keeping the kids so I could do this. I'm a lucky woman, and I am grateful, so very grateful, for my blessings.

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