Monday, August 23, 2010

Pore some painkiller on me

I love me some Def Leppard circa 1980-90's!


About a week and a half before I left for the cruise, I was on one of my travel sized shopping frenzies at Walmart and I saw Biore Clean Pore Strips on sale. I used to LOVE these things. I was always amazed with what was attached when I ripped it off. So, of course, in the name of looking fabulous for the cruise, I bought them. Clean pores = awesome!

After I opened the package, I noticed that the strips had changed a bit in shape. No problem since the more surface they cover, the more clean pores I have. Yay! I followed the instructions on the box and attached the strip to my nose. Firmly. And I gave it a little extra time to dry, because if 10 minutes is good, then 20 is great, right? And also? I got distracted.

So. Time to pull it off.

My eyes watered, the skin on my nose burned, and I think I actually heard ripping. Or maybe I just felt it. Either way, a few minutes after I pried the strip off my nose, my nose felt like it was on fire. The next morning? If you looked closely? You could see where the strip had stripped the skin off my nose. WTG, self!

From that point on, my nose has been more sensitive than usual. The first time I slapped sunscreen on after that? Wowsa!! And even though my skin has regenerated, I think I'll take my chances with larger pores and the occasional blackhead. For reals.

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