Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Emotional camel

Here I was, all set to stress over what to write about today and BAM! Suddenly there was post worthy material. I love it when that happens.

S had a bit of a rough day today. We had somewhere to be this morning at a specific time, and since I was dragging just a bit (okay, a lot) I shot through a drive thru for the nectar of life for me that is iced tea.

As I was pulling in, I ask S if she wants anything to drink.

No, she does not.

Is she sure?

Yes she is sure.

So to verify - no milk, no juice, no tea?

No milk, no juice, no tea. Nofing for me!!!! (S' version of nothing)

I get my tea, and as I am contemplating the amount of risk with our lives I'm willing to take by turning left out of the parking lot as opposed to turning right and then flipping a u at the next light, the bottom of sanity drops from beneath S (and therefore me) and she freaks out with a dedication that would have been impressive if it hadn't taken me so aback.

What on EARTH could be wrong with this child?!?


She wants juice now.

Well, kid. That's just tough tooties for you because I asked and then I verified and you said no each time.

(increased wailing)


She eventually calms down, we do what we need to do, but as soon as we get home the hysteria returns. What!? Is she an emotional camel and just stores this stuff up?

Nothing, and I mean nothing, that I try helps out at all.

I finally turn on the TV and see that Happy Feet is playing on one of the Disney channels. I take a chance and tune it in and......

Silence. Smiling. Laughter. Dancing. Happy Feet, happy S.

Oh, thank goodness.

And then I go to make her some lunch. First I have to go to the bathroom, so she starts pulling the PB out of the pantry and the jelly out of the fridge. She's very helpful that way when she wants to be.

All of a sudden, this blood chilling shriek comes from the kitchen. I race in to see what could have happened, and S has dropped the jar of jelly on the joint of her big toe. There's already a bruise forming and she is understandably inconsolable.

One hour later and she still won't walk on it, but it's not broken because it's not swelling and she can move her toe. So we cuddle on the couch and then she falls asleep. In a rather impressive Mommy feat (if I do say so myself), I grip the edge of a blanket with my toe and drag it around until it's sort of kind of spread out on the floor. All while holding S and managing not to wake her. (Golf clap)

I gently put her down on the floor and cover her up with another blanket. This time I use my hands - no need to be a showoff. ::Snort::

Not 30 seconds later the phone rings. It's the nurse from T's school. He was pushing someone in swing and got knocked in the head so the nurse is observing him for about half an hour. He's fine, but the nurse just wanted me to know what happened. Then she puts T on the phone and I ask him if he's okay and he says yes....and then? Tears and sobbing. And he's begging me to come and get him. Whoa! Do I have another emotional camel?

I tell him that I'll talk to Mrs. W and see what she thinks (he's only got about an hour left in school), and he gives the phone back to her. She said he has been fine the whole time, and that if he doesn't feel better in a couple minutes, she'll call me back and I can come and get him. Knowing T, I felt pretty comfortable with that. She didn't call, and he was absolutely fine when he got off the bus. And also? He lost his other front tooth. So anything negative that happened to him that day is g.o.n.e and has been replaced by the excitement of Tooth Fairy visits and money.

Thank goodness.

When T comes in and sees S sleeping, he leans over and gives her a kiss on the forehead. She wakes up and blinks at him, then reaches up and they hug each other for a long, long time.

Mushy Mom love going on inside me. And I will take the emotional camels gladly for scenes like that.

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