Friday, August 27, 2010

Cereal killer

Today, after the gym, S and I schlepped over to the commissary. We needed cereal because this morning when I went to make the kids breakfast (and by make the kids breakfast I mean pouring cereal into a bowl and adding milk), I discovered four different boxes of cereal with only a handful of cereal left.

Normally, I'd take this opportunity to mention how annoying it is that someone who lives in this house puts mostly empty boxes back without letting me know we are going to need cereal soon. Because stuff like that is SO annoying! Only, ummm, I've been the one all week who has made/given the kids breakfast which also means that I'm the one putting the nearly empty cereal boxes back in the pantry.

Chalk one up for extraordinary unobservance. Go me! Also? I'm so grounded.

S and I grab some cereal and a few other things that added up to $50. Really? $50? But we got a pretty awesome watermelon out of it. After our commissary run, S and I grabbed some lunch and came home. After we ate, I put the groceries away (cereal included, natch) and S and I played school bus. Playing school bus means you have to talk to the bus like it's a person and also occasionally be run over by it. It's way more fun than it sounds. No, really.

Throughout all of this, S was trying to tell me a joke. It went like this:

S: Knock knock
Me: Who's there
S: Orange
Me: Orange who?
S: hahahahahahahahahahaha.

S: Mommy, you say knock knock.
Me: Knock knock
S: Mommy, you say who's there.
Me: Who's there
S: It's me, S! hahahahhahahahahaha

And then the unthinkable happened. She said she was tired, so I just stretched out on the floor with her and covered her up with a blanket and she fell asleep. FELL ASLEEP, people! So even though I needed to unload the dishwasher, do some laundry, vacuum, rearrange the furniture, start the meatballs for dinner tonight, I just remained stretched out by my baby girl and we took a nap. On the floor with no tears involved in the middle of the day.

And after she woke up? I gave her a pair of safety scissors, a bunch of scrap paper, a glue stick and got all that stuff I needed to do? Done. Except for rearranging the furniture, but I can do that anytime. Awesome!


Lanned said...

We literally have ten boxes of cereal in various stages of depletion so of course the cereal we run out of is the only one my 2 year old granddaughter will eat. More of a pain for my husband than me because then I make him get out of bed and run to the store. That's what men are for, right?

Daily Dose of Dahl said...

Of course! What I forgot to add to the post is that while my kids finished up the mostly empty boxes, they had to have a separate spoon and bowl for each kind. I SO can not wait until they are older and I can go to their house and demand a new dish and silverware for each thing I eat. Heh!!