Saturday, October 1, 2011

Today is the day

A couple weeks ago, I posted about how excited Sara was to be invited to a friend's birthday party.

That party is today. At 11.

Sara's first words yesterday morning? "Mooooooommmmmy....can I please go to Maya's birthday party YET?"

I mentally prepare myself for the next 30 hours before saying, "Tomorrow, sweetie. Maya's party is tomorrow."

Immediately Sara starts jumping up and down yelling, "YAY! YAAAAAAAAY!"


During the course of the day yesterday I agree to paint Sara's finger and toe nails, curl her hair, and let her wear a dress. Of course, out of that little deal I got a four year old who willingly took a bath, washed her hair, and managed to sit still for the nail painting and the rolling of her hair. It was pretty much a win win.

She even went to bed without protest when I pointed out that the sooner she goes to sleep, the sooner it will be Saturday - Party Day.

It worked. Don't judge.

Of course, around 2:30 this morning, there was the lightest tap, tap, tap on my shoulder and I heard Sara whisper, "Mommy?" All I had to say was, "It's still too early, Sara" and she actually went back to bed until the much more decent hour of 7:00 am.  Not too shabby.

Yesterday afternoon, the school nurse called me to tell me that while putting up blocks, Sara accidentally got smacked in the eye. Last night for sure I thought she would have a black eye, but this morning it just looks like she's wearing a tiny bit of eye shadow.

And she's awfully cute with her foam curlers in her hair and her princess nightgown.....

Too bad my camera isn't working.

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