Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What to do instead of housework...

I miss my camera. ::deep sigh::

Moving on....

I woke up this morning feeling queasy and therefore it was difficult to get out of bed. I'm not really sure where the queasy came from since I forgot (again) to take my iron pill before I went to sleep.

Unless....dinner last night was chicken I bought last week, but looked, smelled, and tasted okay. Still, you can't be too careful with poultry. We used it by the sell by date, so I think it's just my mind playing tricks on me. That and thinking about the food poisoning episode I wrote about last week might be messing with my head. Blech!

Either way, this morning, I dropped the T man off at school and came back home. I did four loads of laundry yesterday and it needs to be put away. A friend of ours dropped off a box of clothes for the kids yesterday, so I need to wash and sort that too. And since I'll be in the kids rooms, I should go ahead and switch out summer and fall/winter clothes. And dust. And vacuum.

But what am I doing? Blogging.


You're welcome. heehee!

Tucker's birthday party is in about three weeks. It's Mario themed, of course.  While my original party ideas have been scaled back to meet time and budget limits, I did manage to come up with what I hope will be a really fun party.

At first, I wanted to figure out a way to put various Mario scenes on the walls. You can purchase re-usable wall decals, but that gets expensive quickly. Like, really quickly. And since I'm not particularly artistic, I knew I wouldn't be able to draw scenes on poster board in time. Plus, the thought of all that responsibility being on my shoulders was a little too overwhelming on top of everything else. And Tucker tends to be a bit.....anal of a perfectionist about all things Mario. We are just going to have to make do. I'm sure it won't matter once the party starts anyway (and since he didn't know what I originally wanted to try and do).

One of the games we'll be playing is "Pin the Mustache on Mario". To do this, I copied/drew the Mario from the invitations on a piece of poster board.  I had started coloring it, but hadn't finished. So that's what I did when we got back home today. It turned out okay. I'd post a picture, but my camera isn't working. I'm pretty proud of it, considering my lack of true artistic ability. It will be interesting to see what Tucker says about it when he comes home from school today.

After finishing the poster, I cut out mustaches, which turned out really cute. Sara decided she wanted her mustache to be either light pink or light green, so she used the template we made and cut out mustaches in the colors she wanted. They turned out really cute and I wished for at least the seventh time today that my camera was working.

Next on the creative agenda? The target for the bean bag toss. I'm still coming up with ideas for that one, but I'm pretty sure the Mario characters should figure in there somehow.

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