Monday, October 24, 2011

Motivation Monday

Guess what? Today I felt actual motivation for the first time in....well, a while. ::happy dance!::

My workout yesterday went really well and today I made it to Zumba. Even better than that, I made it through Zumba with ease. Much better than the last time I went.

I credit remembering to take my iron pills. I've had trouble with my iron levels for years, but low iron hasn't ever affected my health (other than making me tired) before this go round.

Last week I did manage to work out five times (yay I met my goal) and lost a pound to boot. Not too bad, really considering all that was going on.

Tomorrow I circuit train which I'm excited about because I have really, really missed doing serious weights.

A friend of mine invited me to go with her to a Zumba certification class in early December. If I really hit the cardio hard between now and then (and get clearance from my doctor), I'm going to give it a try. How cool would it be to be Zumba certified?!!?!? Pretty darn cool, I think!

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Samantha said...

So glad you made it through Zumba with ease. I usually don't have a problem getting through that hour, either, but I started to feel really hot about halfway through and I could feel my heart pounding. That's why I stepped out during the new song. I had to get into some cooler air. On top of that, my foot was a bit bothered yesterday, too. Gah! Aging is not always fun. Well, and neither are broken feet. But, I'm looking forward to the Zumba certification and I really hope your doctor gives you clearance. See you soon!