Sunday, October 9, 2011

It was pretty much a perfect weekend

After my recent embarrassing little iPod incident, I've decided to make more of an effort to be technologically um....aware. Proficient would be a bit of a stretch after my half decade or so of ignorant bliss, so I think aware is a good compromise. And achievable.

So this is my first post after voluntarily choosing to switch to the updated/upgraded Blogger interface.

Yay me! Or something.

Moving on....

Friday, the school district we live in had a teacher workshop day, so the kids were mine. Alllll mine. Muahhhhahahaaa! We had planned a play date that afternoon with some kids up the street, but by Friday at noon, the plans had grown from four kids to eight.

Growing up, there were no kids my age on our street, which was kind of a bummer sometimes. So knowing we'd have kids and live where there would be lots of other kids made me really happy. Of course, then that whole anti-social, hate to be outside thing popped up, but I'm working on it.

Friday was proof. I think I was happier than the kids were. Everyone got along and played well together. It was the least Tucker and Sara have bickered, like, ever. And while there were dramatic moments courtesy of our Resident Diva, she recovered pretty quickly and mostly accepted reasonable solutions.

The play date turned into dinner and both the kids were asleep by the time I tucked them in. I hope everyone else's kids slept just as well.

Saturday, we did errands and then headed to the Circus. Last time I went to any circus, I only remember hot, smelly, long, and kinda boring. This time, I really enjoyed it. Granted, it was a little warm inside the tent, but all the performers did a great job and it moved along quickly enough that the kids didn't get bored. It was  two hour show complete with 20 minute intermission, but there were tons of acts and they were all great. Robert and the kids even got to ride an elephant. I passed.

Today we didn't really do much but hang out together.While all weekend was completely awesome, I think that was my favorite part. Oh, and Tucker decided to start riding his bike minus the training wheels, which he mastered in less than 10 minutes.

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Christie said...

Yeah Tucker on the no training wheels. It amazed me how quickly Brett picked it up when Phil's step-dad took them off.