Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Defining busy

For me, today, busy is this:

7:45  - leave the house
8ish   - drop off Tucker at school: fighting traffic, other drivers, and driving idiots
8:15ish - walk Sara into her preschool, get her signed in and settled.
8:30ish - leave preschool, pop into McD's for an unsweetened iced tea. It's going to be one of those days, dontcha know?
9:00 - arrive at first stateside MOPS meeting, complete with open mind and heart
11:00 - sneak reluctantly out of MOPS during craft time (dang it) in order to be able to pick Sara up on time.
11:20 - buy Sara lunch because I forgot to pack it before I left the house this morning.
11:30 - pick up Sara and discover she managed to skin up both her knees at school today. Be very proud that even though she is limping, she doesn't ask to be carried.
11:49 - arrive home and get Sara ready for her afternoon preschool while encouraging her to eat her lunch. Listen calmly as she throws a fit over wanting to be a 'car' kid over a 'bus' kid. Solve this issue by taking the bus tag off her back pack. Do a silent 'Thank you, God' dance that the issue was that easy to fix.
11:57 - walk Sara out to the bus.
12:15 - sit down to check email, listen to voice mail, and figure out how to make the schedule for the rest of the day work.

Here's what I've come up with.....

It's now 12:44. I need to go to Sam's and return something I bought, then buy more sliced apples and some Legos for the kids' Christmas presents.  I've eaten, so I will not be tempted by the food there (yeah, okay).
By 2:30, I need to be at Sara's morning preschool to pick up something.
By 3:00, I need to be home to meet Tucker's bus.
By 3:15, Tucker and I need to be back at school to pick up Sara.
By 3:45, the kids get dropped off at the bible study and I stay to help with snack time.
By 4:30, I head to the library, then home to change clothes and hopefully, hopefully make it to Zumba for the 5:30 class.
5:30 to 6:30 - ZUMBA, baby.  If I survive that:
by 6:45, home, where the kids and Robert should be eating dinner.
by 7:00, bed time routines started (when does Tucker do homework tonight, YIKES!) and Survivor.
by 8:00, kids in bed and I'm thinking I will be too.

The only thing that scares me? If just one thing goes wrong this afternoon, everything is going to blow up in my face.

So, yeah. I think today I can safely say I'm busy. How do working Moms DO this? HOW?!?!?


Samantha said...

Yes, how do those moms who work full-time do it? I can totally relate to the busy-ness, especially since both of my kids have me running in all different directions with all of their therapy appointments. Gah!

Daily Dose of Dahl said...

I re-read this and get tired. Luckily everything worked out, even though I didn't make Zumba. Maybe next week. HA!!!!!!