Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Baking Adventures

I got it in my head to try and make a red velvet cake. I looooooove red velvet cake. Well, I love really good red velvet cake. If it's over cooked  nor not moist enough, it's pretty....blech.

Of course I didn't have some ingredients...like enough red food coloring. Red food coloring, as you can imagine, is a pretty important ingredient of red velvet cake. After a trip to the commissary and then to Walmart (for the things I forgot at the commissary), I had what I needed.

But then I didn't have enough time.

Not my red velvet cupcakes, but don't they look  yummy?!
So today I had time and I thought, 'hey! Let's make a cake." I tried to get Sara on board, but she wanted to ride her bike so we did that for about an hour. Which was awesome!

Shortly before the bus picked her up, I started getting all the ingredients together. Guess what I can't find? The two bottles of red food coloring I bought on Saturday. I called R at work to see if he might know where they are. He did not.

Drat. I've already mixed the wet ingredients in one bowl (minus the food coloring) and the dry in another. Like it or not, I'm kind of committed to making some kind of cake.

Interesting fun fact...red velvet cake batter without the red is a kind of purplish/grey. It does not look yummy, no matter how yummy it tastes.

I found a tiny bit of red in the multicolor box I use for mixing icing colors, so I dumped that in. It changed the batter from purplish/grey to red-ish. Better than nothing.

So I toss the batter in cupcake pans and bake away.

Man did they turn out delicious! Now all I have to do is make the cream cheese icing and find someone to give most of them to.

Many thanks to Food Network for the awesome recipe.

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