Friday, June 4, 2010

How did I miss this?

I like to think of myself as a detail oriented person. If I know you (and sometimes even if I don't) I will usually notice if you've had your hair cut, get new glasses, or are looking particularly fabulous. I will pay attention to personal details, your mentioned likes and dislikes and file these little nuggets away in my brain where they replace perfectly good info, like what day it is and what time the parent teacher conference is (but that's why I have a calendar, right?).

At the beginning of this week, I somehow missed a post on Facebook that a good friend of mine lost her Grandpa. I have no idea how that could possibly happen, Lord knows I'm on FB enough to be able to keep up with this stuff. But I did miss it. Luckily for me, a mutual friend of mine (Thanks, T) emailed me to let me know. I'm slipping.

And then this morning, I am logging in to our bank account and notice that there's an 'In Memoriam' section on the HOME page for a branch manager I knew. I click on it, and he died in APRIL. How on earth did I miss this? I check our bank accounts a lot. You do that when you are budgeted as tightly as we are right now. (COLA - I miss you and the monetary stress relief and freedom you provided. Sniff). So I'm feeling sad at the loss of two wonderful people who made this world a much better place while they were here. I'm miffed with myself for being so unobservant.

RIP and God Bless Ron and Grandpa! You will be missed by many.

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