Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Harr-umph Day.


Last night after a very full day of kid tiring activities, we got back to our hotel room, got the kids settled down for the night, and I fired up my laptop to start my blog entry and see what I missed on FB throughout the day.

Funny how I don't realize how much I check FB and email during the day until I don't have access to it. Funny how much I don't like not being able to check it during the day. Addicted? Possibly.

I couldn't get access to the internet through the hotel server. Okay. Hmm. I reset the network access connection. No go. Reboot? That doesn't help either. Since I'm already in my pajamas, I walk around the hotel room pointing my laptop in every possible direction hoping that I'll find a good spot. Nope. Any other wireless possibilities? None that are stable. All I get is this message, "Authentication Server is Busy. Try again in 30 seconds."

I'm embarrassed to admit how long I kept trying. Time I could have spent - oh - typing up my blog entry on Word, doing sit ups, refolding the disaster area that is our joint suitcase, flossing, r sleeping. Sleeping would have been a very good idea.


This morning, after very little sleep - still no internet connectivity. This is the point I got R involved. R is all about technology and internet access. It's part of the reason we hit it off so well because I was working in IT when we met and we had a lot to talk about. Now? We talk about potty training, gym workouts, behavioral issues (ours and the kids')...all sorts of things almost as fascinating but much slower to change.

And I've admitted this before, but it hit home last night how very out of IT touch I am and how dependant I am on R to figure out the issues. It was all I could do not to wake him up and ask him last night. How mean is that?!?!? Pretty darn mean.

So this morning I told him about the problem and he pulled out his laptop and attempted to access the internet. No dice. Okay. Well. Good. It's not just me (which tends to be my first assumption). So as the kids slept off their exhaustion from the last couple of days, R and I tried different things to get internet connection.

Just as a side note - the front desk didn't realize how important it was that we had internet access. They said they actually had other things to do. Say what? What could possibly be more important than internet access??!?!!! Apparently, a lot of things. Also, they did not believe R when he told them there was a problem. Uh, shut up front desk! There is too a problem.

Is too.


Is too is too is too is too istooistooistooistoo! Is too.

So I get dressed, take my laptop and jump in the van. Internet access right outside the hotel? Nope. I drive to the hotel across the parking lot. Internet access there? Yep, but you need a code and password. Grrrr. Oooh! McDonalds has free wifi. But not from the parking lot. Hmm. Starbucks! Starbucks has wifi access. But not until you buy some sort of Starbucks card (which really - with the amount of phones that have Internet access, isn't that a bit outdated?!?). So, shoot. But at least now I know for sure that it's not my computer that's the problem. I drive back to our hotel. Still no internet. And the front desk? Still not all that concerned. :snark:

It was after 11 before we got access and S and I went to see some of my former coworkers. Which was great! But all the while? I was brain grumbling about lack of internet access. And then when we were busy from noon-ish until around 9 pm tonight? I was all internally grouchy about my lack of internet access.

I think I might have a problem. Seriously.


Anonymous said...

I can totally relate. I don't know how to function without the internet....and I have had those situations at a hotel where you just want to pull your hair out!

Daily Dose of Dahl said...

My last trip to NC, we stayed in this exact same hotel and it was a great experience. This trip? Not so much. I'll put up with a lot of things with little complaint, but I demand internet access!

And cleanliness! Internet access and cleanliness are vital. Vital!