Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day Camp

Earlier this spring, R and I decided to enroll the kids in YMCA summer day camp. They are only going for half a day for a few of the weeks this summer. Just enough to balance being out of school with my keeping my sanity in tact.

Yesterday was the first day for the kids to go. Here is how I failed already, and it's just now Tuesday.

I did not attend the informational meeting offered because I did not read about it until two weeks after it happened. Way to pay attention.

Kids that attend all day camp need a packed lunch. My kids attend half a day, therefore they should need no lunch, right? Apparently in my brain, that also includes no water, because heck, it's only 90 degrees and 250% humidity. Way to go, Mom. And I mean, jeez, there are water fountains IN the Y, so it's not like water isn't available. :eye roll and lots of guilt:

About that lunch thing? All the full day kids eat lunch around 11:30, which means my overheated, dehydrated children then had to watch everyone else eat and drink until my sorry ass came to pick them up at noon. Still without water.

Today we pull up and the kids complain about their backpacks being heavy. Here's what's in them: a change of clothes, sunscreen, a snack, and a bottle of water. Oh, I so can't wait until they have classes that require you carry books. Cause I got news, kids. Dora and Diego? All that stuff that's in their backpack/rescue pack? It isn't weightless. Do you hear them complaining? No you do not. Just sayin'. Of course, if they weren't so dehydrated from yesterday, they'd probably feel stronger.

Also about today? There's a field trip. Only they won't be back until 3 pm which meant that I thought my kids weren't eligible since they are in the 1/2 day camp. Not so. Which on one hand is very good that they'll get to go, and on the other hand means I have to dash into Walmart to get them some lunch since the snack I packed in no way will hold them until they come back.

I think I need to pay more attention and start asking more questions.

And when I brought their lunches back? S wouldn't leave my side because as she put it, "This shirt is yucky! I want my pink shirt back!" All the kids have to wear the YMCA camp shirts, which I think is a great idea, but S is not so much about looking like everyone else. And also? She wants me wash her shoes since she got them muddy. Right now! Ahhhaahaaahahaaaaaa. My idea of washing shoes? Turning on the sprinkler and letting the kids have at it with their shoes on. Everyone is happy, except maybe our neighbors, but until their cat stops pooping in our yard, I'm not so worried about that either.

I walked inside with T and S's class and stood with S while she got water because she seemed to think that because SHE was thirsty she should just get to go to the front of the line. Oh, sweetie pie, I don't think so! She was calmed down when I left, but I had to laugh because as I was leaving, she squeezed herself in between T and another boy because (and I quote) "This is MY T and I sit here!" The poor little boy beside T didn't stand a chance. I'm not sure many people do when up against our resident diva. My cell phone? Will be by my side today because I'm totally expecting a call to come and get her.


Anonymous said...

Um, first, S is adorable and a star.

Haha, I think you should bring up the "struggles" of Dora and Deigo every time a kid complains. Like, 'Oh really? Really? You have to walk a MILE? Well Dora walks up a mountain, montana, repeat montana, every single day'

Daily Dose of Dahl said...

Thank you! S seems to think she's a star too.

HAHAAAAAAA. That's actually a great idea.

Dora ALWAYS fastens her seat belt. "Seat belts! So we can be safe!" I'm so using Dora and Diego against my kids now....heheeeee