Saturday, April 23, 2011

What's for lunch?

We had two extra kids for a while today. I have a tremendous admiration for any family with kids, but especially for those with more than two.

I decided today for certain that I am mentally incapable of dealing with more than two kids at a time. God bless their little hearts, but they exhaust me.

I wonder if I can quit before the tween/teenage years happen?

Yeah, I didn't think so either.

I was trying to figure out what to do for lunch today because of the four kids here, my two are the pickiest. And I quit my short order cook position right about the time I realized the youngest was capable of making her own pb and j if she didn't want to eat the food on the table. If she has to use her fingers to spread the pb on the bread, well, worse things have happened.    I think.


I decided on spaghetti because it's quick and every one likes it. The girls wanted to help me cook it, which I thought was a fabulous idea.

And then we started breaking apart the angel hair pasta to put in the boiling water.

I know that some of the pasta got in the water because we all ate. But there were little pasta pieces everywhere on the stove, around the burners, and on the floor.

Me: Geez, S, try to get some in the pot, okay?
S: The pot is hot, Mommy.
Me: Yes, but if no pasta gets in the water we won't have anything to eat.
S: Okay. (Showers of pasta pieces go everywhere but the water)

Tenants in this house for the next 10 years as they keep finding tiny little pasta pieces when they clean out from under the appliances: Good grief! Did they use angel hair pasta for flooring?!

But you know what? We had plenty in the end and I'd gladly sweep up that mess again to have such a great time with the girls.

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