Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thankful Tuesday

Last week, I decided I was going to make some cookies. I didn't really want chocolate chip cookies, so I substituted peanut butter chips instead.

S and I get the dough made, the chips stirred in, and the first tray of cookies in the oven. Several years ago, I started using parchment paper when I made cookies because of how easily the cookies come off.

I was using parchment paper for this batch too. R came home just as the first batch was ready to come out, and for some reason I didn't open the oven door all the way when I went to get them out.

Add a moment of inattention, my inability to hold things level unless I'm really concentrating, and that tray of cookies slid right off the cookie sheet and onto the oven door and bottom.


By some miracle, nothing fell through the slot where the gas burners were. I was also able to pick/scoop up most of the dropped cookies pretty quickly. The rest of the mess I let cool off and then vacuumed or wiped it up a few hours later.

Those cookies might have been fugly and squished, but they tasted like peanut buttery heaven.

And how can you not be thankful about tasting peanut buttery heaven?!?

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