Monday, April 11, 2011

I should have stuck with Nick Jr. tonight

I made the mistake tonight of watching the news today.

Gunshots within 100 feet of a childcare facility and the parents weren't notified?!? Most parents found out when they went to pick up their kids because there were news vans there. The daycare's explanation? Parents weren't notified because no one got hurt.  Umm..did I mention there was gunfire within 100 feet of the facility?

Citizens asking for an earlier curfew for kids in a nearby city because as an interviewed citizen explained, he can't eat outside on his patio because if he goes inside, things get stolen off the table.

Stolen and vandalized cars...

An elephant with TB that probably didn't get close enough to humans to spread the disease....

Kinda makes me wish I'd skipped it.

I also wish the news agencies would stop making every story sound like the end of the world. We get it, okay? Serious things are happening.

I'm still exhausted from the whole close call government shutdown from Friday.

I don't even want to talk about gas prices.

I'm gonna go read a Dr. Seuss book and go to bed. Sheesh.

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