Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Temper tantrum Tuesday

Thought I'd try something a little different today. Wheeeeeee <--- that's me being whimsical. (Just so you know.)

Today I'm listing things that annoyed me. Feel free to chime in with your stories in the comments!

I took the kids to school this morning in a wicked thunderstorm. I was less than delighted to have the vehicle that entered the preschool parking lot in front of me decide they needed two spaces in which to park. *coughjackasscough*

We had some pretty serious storms run through the area today. We had great coverage by every local news channel. They've been talking about it since this weekend and most of the day today. I appreciate the....thoroughness of the various weather watch teams and all, but when they are obviously struggling for something to talk about, maybe that's a clue that there's not enough to talk about for an hour and a half. Besides, it made me miss Glee and the Biggest Loser.  Harrumph.

Acne. I'm 40. This should no longer be a problem. And what's worse, every time I pluck a hair from my chin or neck, I get a bump. Boo!

Dry, cracking skin. It hurts and it's practically summer. Heal, doggone it! (Get it?!!?! Heeeheeee!)

Obviously, I need to go to sleep now.  G'nite!


JLK said...

You're really 40? Wow. The last pics you posted when you got your hair done - I would've sworn you were like 32-33 TOPS. I just figured you had your kids a bit on the younger side like so many other military families I know. And you're like the spitting image of this girl I know (except you have darker hair) and she's only 25.

Daily Dose of Dahl said...

Aww...thank you - that's a huge compliment!!!!