Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Thankful Tuesday

It's a beautiful day today. It's sunny, breezy, slightly on the cool side....a recipe for temperature perfection in my world.

It was in the 80's on Sunday, the 40's yesterday, and the 60's today. It's degree averaging. Heh.


S got some really cute dresses for her birthday like this one:

Today she wore another one of them. After school, lunch and making her wipe off the peanut butter she smeared all over the the kitchen window, we went outside to play with chalk. We were sitting near the exhaust from the dryer so it was nice and warm. I took off my sweatshirt and let her draw all around me. Nothing like seeing your outline in chalk to bring things into perspective, lemme tell you.

After chalking it up, she wanted to water the flowers, so with my permission she made a bunch of trips from the faucet to the plants to give them a drink. I had to veto her apple juice idea. She took that with a surprising amount of grace.

Once all the plants were watered and given compliments "Mr. Flower, your purple is so purple-y and purple is one of my very favorite colors", we cleaned up a bit and came inside, where I noticed S was covered head to toe in chalk dust. Luckily it washes off her and out of clothes easily.

Today I'm especially thankful for sidewalk chalk, re-blooming pansies, and S, who has given me surprisingly little trouble today. It's like Christmas, only warmer.

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