Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Health watch 2011


A couple weeks ago I went to the doctor and he found an...oddity in my heart beat. Last week, I went for an echocardiogram.

As of today, I haven't heard anything.

However, I have managed to freak myself the eff out over this (why now? No idea) which landed me in the ER Friday night for heart palpitations. I told the ER doctor about the echo and concerns stemming from  my last office visit. He ran a bunch of tests, told me everything was normal.

Yeah. I'm still freaked out. The rest of the weekend passed without incident, but I was tired from spending all night in an ER.

Today I woke up and got ready, woke up the kids and prompted them to get ready for school. T wanted to take his lunch but he left his lunch box at school. We also didn't have any of the lunchables he prefers to take. As deals go, this didn't seem like it would be huge to me...he could take a paper bag and a pb&j. He could even *gasp* take his lunch out of the paper bag and put it into the lunch box he left at school. once he got there.

Apparently, I am absolutely determined to ruin his entire life.

Good to know that's my goal. I sure wasn't aware of that. 

But in the midst of lunch gate '11, I could feel my chest tightening up. I know - logically - that I'm still freaked out about the whole heart murmur thing, but that does nothing to ease my mind. And apparently, my body is reacting to the stress in ways that makes me more stressed out because they are symptoms that could be signs of serious issues. I feel better when I'm walking around, so I've been spending very little time blogging or on FB.  But what I am going to do is call the doctor's office right now and ask for someone to ease my mind or tell me what the treatment plan is.

Isn't it nice to act like a grown up every now and then?

I'll let you know if my unintentional plot to ruin T's life was successful. Stay tuned for breaking news.

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