Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thankful Tuesday

I think I like my lists of things to be thankful for better than I like one or two things with explanations. I mean, really, does it matter why I'm thankful?

I didn't think so either.

So here are all the things I can remember being thankful for today:

A decent night's sleep.
Kids that have accepted the new routine - which involves making their beds in the morning (woooohoooooo!) - calmly and almost cheerfully (so far).
Whomever invented cold cereal - dude, seriously - THANK YOU!!!!
That we have money to put gas in the car, even at over $4 a gallon.
Temperate days that do not require running the heat or the air
Finally sitting down and planning a menu for the next couple weeks. It has made life SO much easier
Having the time to come home and clean while S was in preschool. I got so much done today!
Not having to mow the yard.
Blooming flowers
Green grass
The parks and playgrounds that are everywhere here.
Kids who still love to spend time with me.
The beauty of my sleeping daughter.
The absence of demands and tantrums while she sleeps.
Her much, much improved attitude once she woke up.
The sound of laughing children
The 'hi I missed you today' hug from my husband.
A great planning PTO committee meeting this evening
Cheerios for dinner for myself. YUM!
Looser jeans.
Beautiful weather.

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