Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Workout Wednesday

(Deep breath. Or six.)

Remember that detox I was mentioned I was starting on my last Workout Wednesday post? Yeah, not only did I not stick to that, apparently some part of me thought that 'detox' meant 'inhale everything in sight' because a week later I'm not detoxed whatsoever and I've gained five pounds. Preeeeeetty sure it's not muscle weight either.

I mean, I know how this works. Calories in need to be less than calories out and for heaven's sake, move around as much as possible. It's really not all that complicated.

So why am I sabotaging myself?

I've got no answers for that.

Moving on to something more successful for me - workouts. R and I worked out on Sunday and it was intense. I ran more than I have to date, and it wasn't too bad, really. Then we jumped rope and did abs. My abs have been sore pretty much since Monday, but Kristine and I started the P90X abs again. I'm seeing progress in those workouts. I almost did a clap push up. I can do them no problem on my knees, but I need to get just a couple inches higher on my push-off when I'm doing them on my toes. But still - that's nothing to sneeze at, especially with five extra pounds hanging off my gut. Sigh.....

Today I put in Bob Harper's Yoga DVD, and I started laughing about two minutes in because it's basically YogaX with a few modifications. Bob, Bob, Bob....(shaking my head) shout out for TonyX? For shame, my friend. For shame. You know what would be really cool? In the middle of Warrior Yoga if Jillian were to run through and start screaming as only Jillian can do. "Yoga? Yoga is for wusses! Don't just pose there in plank. Alternating tricep extensions. LETS GO!"

As for me? Let's hope next Wednesday sees me down those five pounds plus a couple more. The three hour Zumbathon on Saturday ought to really help with that.

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