Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thankful Tuesday - the positive friendship post

So. Thank all of you for attending my sad little pity party yesterday. Missed it, didya? You can read about it here, if you wish.

I'm a bit embarrassed now that I made a post out of it, but I'm not sorry because I got it all out and off my chest and immediately felt better. So there's that....

But JLK over at Pieces of Me pointed out that I neglected to mention the good friendship categories. Excellent point, and thank you so much. I admit that I was sort of lumping all the good categories into "good label-less friends" until I started to think about it.

For all the wonderful friends I've made in my life - I dedicate thankful Tuesday to you!

1) The be there no matter what but minus the judgement friend
Good times, bad times, totally forgettable times: this friend is always there for you. In person, by phone, by email, skype, text, or whatever, this is the person you want to tell all things - important and not so important - because you know they will understand where you are coming from, be supportive, and not hold it against you when you do something really, really stupid. This is also the person most likely to be beside you if you end up in jail, a mental institution, or volunteering to make 200 cupcakes.

2) The make you laugh until you cry friend
This friend can make you laugh about anything - even a really crappy day. She gets your sense of humor, you get hers, and she never fails to make even the most mundane of times seem amazing.

3) The tell it like it is friend
One of my personal faves, this friend will answer you honestly (but kindly) if you ask her if your butt looks big in these pants, if you are acting like a total bitch today, or anything else you ask her about. For example:
Me:  (gripe, gripe, moan, moan, complain, complain) What is WITH everyone today?
Friend: What do you mean?
Me: Is it just me or are people extra obnoxious today? The head of the committee I'm on for the PTO project I'm doing just told me we weren't having a committee meeting even though the committee was having what looked like a committee meeting to me.
Friend: Or, you know, they could be talking.
Me: Well, they could have asked me to join them.
Friend: Or you could have said something along the lines of "Mind if I join you?"
Me: Okay, fine. Make perfect sense then. Sheesh.
Friend:  That's why you love me.

4) The common interest friend
Scrapbooking, working out, book club, photography, silly Facebook games, or blogging (of course)...this friend is around when your common interest brings you together, no matter what else you may or may not have in common. But when you are with this type of friend? All sorts of awesomeness results.

5) The dependable friend
This is the person who helps you clean up, offers to keep the kids on short notice, feed the dog/water the plants if you are out of town. This is also normally the first non relative listed on your 'emergency contact' forms. She calls when she says she's going to call, shows up when she says she'll show up, and delivers if you are depending on her for anything, and often when you aren't.

6) The feel like I've known you forever friend
It's an instant connection, like you were BFF's in another life or something. It's instant, mutual, and  equal. This friend is most likely to turn into a be there no matter what without judgement friend. It's basically friendship at first sight.

7) The expert friend
This is your go-to person when you need advice (or whatever) on a particular subject - interior design, cooking, style, neighborhood gossip - she knows her stuff and is happy to help out when you ask her, but never forces her opinion on you.

8) The always sunny/laid back friend
This friend goes with the flow and lets all the negatives roll off their back. Impossible to resist (kinda like really good cheesecake), being around this friend makes everything just seem.....better. Even when things are going great.

Okay! Those are the good friend categories I came up with - did I leave anything out?


JLK said...

Man, now it's my turn for a pity party. I only have 2 of those friend categories covered. :(

Daily Dose of Dahl said...

I bet you have more than you think!