Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Theory of strife

(Meant to be posted on 3/4/2011)

I'm noticing a trend of increased, consistent business for this family. I wasn't expecting to be so...scheduled until the kids were in middle school or later. Just goes to show you what I know, right? I feel like I'm still on the laid back German pace of life versus the standard frantic American pace. And I'm sorely out of place. T gets home from school at 3 or so, and we had something to do three nights this week, so last night, the kids were showing some obvious wear and tear. Not that they were showing it by sleeping late.

When T got off the bus yesterday, I had about 20 minutes before we needed to get back in the car to take the kids to their bible study class. T got off the bus in a less than stellar mood, which has been pretty common for him this week. We've tried to get him to talk about what's going on, but have had no success. When I dropped him off, he was less than thrilled to be there, but seemed okay to stay. R picked the kids up and we ate dinner soon after they got home, so I was surprised that T wanted to lie down on the couch right after dinner and homework. I went upstairs to check on S, who was in the tub, and when I came down about 5 minutes later, he was asleep. 

R's been saying all week that T is simply exhausted, but T keeps waking up at 5 am on his own. I'm not sure what's going on with that, but I was glad to see him sleeping. The kid was out cold, too. R carried him up to bed and a couple hours later, T comes flying down the stairs, all frantic and clinging to me. I walk him back up to his bedroom and he keeps mumbling about how he doesn't want me to leave him behind. What? I'm right here.

It finally hits me - he's not really awake. I just sit with him and talk about nothing until he settles back down into a deeper sleep. I'm thinking all those times when he was little and I needed him to come on already that pretending like I'd leave without him was probably not a good idea. Sigh. Oh, the ways to feel guilty about your parenting are endless. Endless, I tell you. As are the the mistakes you realize you've made....after the fact.

The next morning he was still in a pissy mood. Really? Even after a good, long night's sleep? Drat. One of his bottom teeth was loose and it was bugging him. He'd been talking about it for a couple days, especially when he was eating something. So he asks for cereal and a few minutes later he asks for a paper towel. I'm unloading the dishwasher so I don't think much about it. Well, that's not true. I thought YAY! He's going to mop up the milk he spilled without being asked. SCORE!

Fast forward ten seconds and he shouts, "MOM! My tooth came out!"

So that's what the paper towel was for. Pulling out his tooth. I admire his tenacity.

We get him cleaned up (the tooth wasn't nearly as ready to come out as T was for it to come out) and he finishes his breakfast.

And I swear-it's like the personality fairy brought T's missing one back because he was back to being the T I'm used to - thank the holy heavens.

Next week is almost as busy as this one. This weekend is crazy busy. I guess I'll test my theory in real time.

Pray for me.

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