Friday, March 25, 2011

Defining appropriate

Lately, my go-to word with the kids has been 'appropriate'.

As in:

No, T. You may not watch King of the Hill even though it's a cartoon. That's not an appropriate show for a six year old.


No, S. We can not listen to the trailer park girls go 'round the outside song (Eminem) right now because Mommy's version has language that is not appropriate for a three year old.


T, I realize that (fill in the blank) does, indeed, suck - but suck is not an appropriate word for you to use. Especially at church, school, or with Grammy.

and my favorite and most often uttered -

Kids! Please do not (fill in the blank) at dinner. That is not appropriate behavior
Here are our most common blank fillers -  a) burp b) fart c) lick the table d) put your mouth at plate/bowl level and shovel the food in e) use the words butt, poop, pee, or stupid in a sentence

Last night, after putting the kids to bed, I was downstairs attempting to watch a movie (R rated) when T comes downstairs to tell me he came untucked and needs me to tuck him back in.

I tell him to go back upstairs and that I'll be there in a minute to re-tuck him. He pauses for a second, looks at the TV and says in a disapproving voice, "Mom! You should not be watching that movie. You already say enough bad words and that? Is not appropriate."

Oh my - he is SO my child. God bless his little disadvantaged heart.