Thursday, March 3, 2011

Workout Wednesday

I've been trying to figure out what to write for this post all day. The highlights of my workout week seem like a reasonable place to start, right?

Sunday I actually ran at 6 mph for a minute, and I'm not sure if I've ever done that. I am notoriously slow. I can jog now for two to three minutes at a time without gasping for air at the end. On Wednesday nights when we have basketball practice, I'm able to run around with the kids without getting winded. It's starting to make me think I should play more basketball, except I have no talent and can't shoot for crap. That, of course, just leaves running so I'm back to square one. 

On the Arc trainer today, I went almost twice as far in the same amount of time that I did three months ago. And while I was working hard, I wasn't heaving or gasping for air. I did the cardio fit test on the elliptical last week and am still making good progress. I really think starting to get to Zumba a couple times a week is really making the difference.

Speaking of which, I signed up for a Zumba-thon on the 12th. I'm going to try and do all three hours. I'm so excited and it's keeping me motivated cardio wise because I don't want to drop from exhaustion. I also don't want to have to slack off. But three hours is a LOT of Zumba - especially if Misti is leading the Zumba-thon.

R completed his first triathlon last week - it was a mini triathlon that involves an 8 lap (quarter of a mile) swim, 8 miles on a spin bike, and then a 2.5 mile run on the treadmill. My goal is to be able to do Christmas mini triathlon with him this year and to jog the entire 2.5 mile part. My training starts immediately.

Something really interesting is happening though. The more I concentrate on the proper form and breathing when I'm trogging, the easier the actual running part is becoming. I realized while I was doing YogaX (ironically) that part of the trouble I've had with trogging/running is that I'm not breathing correctly. When I start to get out of breath, I tend to breathe more and more shallowly because I hate to breathe heavily. We can chalk that up to some serious bullying about the way I used to breathe in PE when I was younger. And to be fair, both kids inherited my crappy breathing habits. Sorry kids! It's definitely a learning process, but hey - at least it's a process now instead of a pipe dream.

Also, and I'm throwing this in because if I write down and publish I'm going to do it, then I'll actually do it - I'm starting the Fat Smash Detox as of right now. I weighed this morning and the results were horrifying. So for each post I manage to complete in the next 10 days (and heads up, some of them may be a smidge grouchy) I'm going to update my progress on the detox. Water, veggies, fruit, yogurt, and some brown rice. That's my entire menu for the next 10 days. But I've got to get rid of these junk food cravings. I don't feel as well when I eat crap, but I crave it. So it's time to stop it. Last time I actually did the detox, I lost 10 lbs in a little over a week and by day three or four, all my cravings for 'bad' foods was completely gone. I'm way more interested in beating my bad eating habits into oblivion than I am about losing 10 lbs in a week. Although - I'm not gonna lie. I'll take a ten pound loss cheerfully. With a side of dancing. Stay tuned. I'll try really hard not to obsess.

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