Tuesday, March 29, 2011

News flash - I'm boring. Oh well...

This morning, T climbed into bed with me around 6am and promptly went back to sleep. I'm not crazy about the idea of the kids sleeping in our bed - mostly because we've spent most of the winter being sick in one form or another. And by 'we've' I really mean me. This state has horrible wellness juju. Horrible. But if he went right back to sleep, I was okay with letting him stay there. I, however, got up not long after I realized he was still in our bed. It just doesn't start my day off well to have either of my adorable little munchkins coughing or sneezing in my face.

Last week, Mom and Richard were here. For the sake of laziness and because I also think it's clever, let's just call them Brichard from here on out. You know, like Brangelina or Bennifer. heh. Mid visit, as expected, they both got sick. Sigh. Of course it went from 80 and serious sunshine to freezing, high winds, and snow in the course of 4 days....so it wasn't totally unexpected. Richard has a horrible cough - a sounds like you are coughing up your lung cough - that Mom tells me he's had for weeks.  Great. Bring it on over!

By Sunday night, both of the kids are coughing away. ::defeated sigh:: This morning, T comes downstairs and curls up next to me on the couch and he coughs and coughs and coughs and coughs and coughs. Then he starts to gasp/wheeze when he breathes in. Then he says he doesn't feel good and asks if he can stay home from school. T never, ever wants to stay home from school. Mostly, he tells me, because I'm boring. ::snort!::

I call and make him an appointment to see a doctor today. He's ready and willing to go. He MUST be sick! We take S to school, do some errands, pick her up and head to the doctor's office.

Diagnosis: allergies and an ear infection that's minor enough that no antibiotics were prescribed - but I'm taking him back in a week to make sure everything is okay. I'm so glad it's nothing more serious. When he was coughing and wheezing this morning, I was really concerned.

And I don't think he'll be anxious to stay home from school again. He didn't get to do anything fun today. When he complained that he was bored and this was boring and I was boring I had the perfect answer ready for him.

Welcome to your sick day, sweet pea!

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