Thursday, March 10, 2011

Please don't leave me like this!

Oh no. Ohnoohnoohno. The vent/cooling fan on my laptop has decided to take a permanent vacation. As much as my laptop is used, and let's just round it up to an even 24/7, I'm not surprised that something has quit. I've had my Vaio for around 3 years, which I think might be a new record for me. When I was trying to finish my Masters', online of course, I went through three computers in less than two years. And no, none of them got thrown out the window or from a moving car.

But then...heavens parting, joyful lord noises, halos floating, etc...we got the Vaio, and all was well in laptop land. Until a couple of days ago. With no cooling fan available, the computer gets too hot, and just...wham!...shuts off. No warning, no error message, beep of impending doom - nothing. One second it's there and working fine, the next it's off.

I'm taking it to a repair shop today to get an estimate to fix it. Fingers crossed it will be an inexpensive fix and that the part I need is still floating around out there. As quickly as technologies change these days, I may not be able to get a replacement fan for a computer that's 3 years old.  No way can we afford a new laptop. And even if we could, it would be a want and not a need.

You know, the fan could have at least given me notice. Seriously. Like, hey owner. I'm kinda tired because you use me too much, so could you tone it down so I don't have to up and quit on you? kthanksbye.

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