Sunday, March 6, 2011

Reaping what I've sewn

My smart-ass-i-ness has come back to bite me. Smack dab in my own smart ass.

Tuesday, T was sick and home from school. We spent a good amount of time looking for his DSi that morning, but had no luck finding it.

I tried getting him to retrace his steps the last time he had it, but I wasn't exactly sure when that was, and he was full of 'I don't know's'.

Eventually, I figured it would be worth driving to base and seeing if the DSi was in R's car, which was pretty much the only place we hadn't looked.

After we picked up S from preschool, we were headed to base. T asked if we could stop at Wendy's and get a milkshake.

Since we hadn't had lunch yet, I hate the Wendy's closest to our house, and the fact that we had ice cream in the freezer at home, I said no. I did not, however, mention any of the above reasons, which threw T into a pretty fierce pout-titude.

Right as we were approaching the base gate, T said something fairly hateful to me, and then tried to pass it off like he was saying it to S.

Like that makes it better. ::rolling my eyes::

Tired of the whining and attitude and also the phrase, "This is BORING", I summon all my mommy wisdom ::snort:: and snark:

"You're welcome, T. You are welcome that I'm willing to go all. the. way. to base to search through Dad's car to try and find your DSi - which you are supposed to be keeping track of. You're welcome that I'm willing to risk being questioned by security forces when they see me going through a car in a parking lot. You are welcome that even though it's your responsibility to keep up with your things, I'm helping you look for your DSi. Again. You are welcome, welcome, welcome for all the things I do for you."

Apparently, T was in no mood for my brand of snark because this is how he replied:

Congratulations, Mom. Congratulations to YOU for being willing to do what most moms do. Help their kids. Congratulations, your majesty. What WOULD I do without you?


I probably shouldn't think that's funny, and I know I shouldn't have burst out laughing, but honestly? If he hears me speaking like that to others, then what do I expect?

Still, it's important that even though he has sarcasm nailed down, that he realizes when to use it appropriately.

And as soon as I learn that myself, I'll pass it right along.