Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Snow fun

When we got back to Illinois, there was still enough snow on the ground to play in and with. T scolded me in North Carolina that I hadn't thought to bring their snow gear. I know, shame on me, because the snow that fell in NC was picturesque and perfect for snowman building. T wanted to build an igloo, but after about 10 minutes outside getting wet and cold, he decided that he was happier inside since I hadn't brought his snow gloves or boots. Can't really blame him. Brrrrr! When we got home and could go out and play, I took the kids out and let them romp around. And then I took the pictures to prove it.


~*Sammie y Gary*~ said...

Great pictures!!
I love when the snow is pretty, and nice. As opposed to that mean, almost icy snow. Makes for better pics! :-)

JLK said...

So cute. I look forward to my son being old enough to play outside in the snow. I miss the days of not caring how cold it is outside for the sake of building a snowfort or just horsing around. I'm hoping to relive that excitement with him in a couple of years.