Friday, January 28, 2011


I'm having a hard time coming up with something to write about today. I've moaned about sickness enough  in the last week for the next two years. So that's out. hahaha.

What did I do that was interesting today? Oh yeah. Car wash.

S and I took the car to be washed today. It had a serious layer of salt grime and dirt on it from the recent bad weather. I think it's hilarious to take the kids to that particular car wash - it's the kind where you actually stay in the car and ride it through the washing process. Why flopping straps of fabric and spinning giant wheels of soap laden brushes make them giggle and squeal is beyond me, but it does and I get a kick out of watching them. After we got through, S begs, "Again, again!" Yeah, that'd be great, but it isn't a free trip, kiddo.

Fast forward a few hours later, and S and I are coloring. What is it about kids that they want to drink what you are drinking, eat what you are eating, sit where you are sitting, color what you are coloring (with the crayon you are using, of course) yet if you offer them the exact same things or places to eat, drink, sit, or color, they aren't interested? Once we straightened all that out with a minimum of tantrums, I settled the world war starting battle over the wild blue yonder crayon and put in a movie and popped some popcorn. Thinking we could all chill out for 90 minutes of "Alpha and Omega" animated fun, I settled down on the couch. Where, of course, S automatically wanted to sit.

20 minutes into it, and I'd heard the word 'butt' (which is currently a no no word in this house, never mind that I let the occasional actual swear word fly) enough that T said, "Mom, this movie has bad language." I kinda figured that out because every time a character said it, both kids shouted, "Ooooohhhhhh! He said butt!"

So we went back to our standbys. Legos and cars.

I know! It's pretty damn doggone blessed life I got goin' on here.

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