Sunday, January 23, 2011

And how was your weekend?

Okay, This needs to be said to the weather here. Either be cold or be windy. This -16 wind chill stuff? No, thank you. That is all.

Friday morning I called Tricare to make a doctor's appointment for S. She had a stomach bug Tuesday night and complained for the rest of the week that her stomach was really hurting. She ate very, very little and it was even difficult to get her to drink much. Thursday, she was standing on a small chair while goofing off and she fell off the chair and onto the container of Legos. Later that night, she was crying and saying she was hurting but we couldn't quite figure out if she was talking about a stomach flu like pain or pain from falling. Since it kept her awake and she was still in pain on Friday, I called the doctor.

Unsurprisingly, the appointment maker told me "We don't make doctor's appointments for tummy aches." Ahhh, customer service...wherefore art thou? But I did manage to score a pediatric nurse callback. Her advice? If we were worried about S, take her to the ER.

Phhbbtttttt. I mean, really, isn't there a happier possible medium for spending health care dollars between 'stay home and suffer' and 'expensive ER visit'?

But by Friday night, S was still not eating and not really drinking and she was still complaining of stomach pain. So hi ho, hi ho off to the ER we go. Where S, of course, proceeds to act like she has no idea of what we are talking about.  Parenting is FUN! She gets checked out by the doctor who at least determines there's no internal bleeding or obvious complications from her fall (which is what R and I were the most concerned about).

And that was Friday.

Saturday we had our first basketball game. Neither R or I was sure what to expect. We are new to this coaching thing and I wasn't able to make it to practice on Wednesday because I was sick, so I really felt out of the loop. One of the great things about the Y league at this level is that no score is kept, and the focus is really on learning the fundamentals and practicing sportsmanship.

The game starts and I gotta say it - I have no idea how R and I got so incredibly lucky. Our kids were awesome! They passed the ball, they rebounded well, they made some jaw dropping shots, and they kept going even though they were exhausted by the end of the game. We have some seriously talented kindergartners. I am so excited for practice on Wednesday!

Saturday night was girls night out. Dinner, then drinks and dancing. And I did my best to dance my butt off. I had so much fun! I even got to see a bar fight. I also got beer spilled down my back, but hey - that's a small price to pay for such an amazing night. I will say this - it's been ages and ages since I went to a bar/dance club. I was a little shocked at some of the things I saw on the dance floor. My eyes! My eyes!! Seriously people, some things are better done in private. Also? Some of you gals need to put some doggone clothes on. Sheesh!

Today was a low key day. Hanging out with the family, a great workout, a yummy dinner. doesn't get much better than this.

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Heather said...

I HATE er trips! Glad the little one is ok.