Sunday, February 12, 2012

Saturday night's alright for bolting

A couple of weeks ago, Tucker 'lost' the pen for his Nintendo DS in the backseat of the car. Now, when I say 'lost' I mean he dropped it and it got pushed down into the crack of the seat. 

It was quite the traumatic event.

I've dug around a couple of times in the back seat trying to find it, I've had no luck. I also get grossed out with the amount of sticky, crumbly, yucky stuff that's ground into the cracks of the seats back there.Of course, when I see that, then I start mumbling about how there isn't going to be any more eating or drinking in the car, which I know isn't true even as I mumble it.

For whatever reason, I decided today that it would be a good idea to take the backseat out. I might as well clean the car while I was at it. After I vacuumed and scraped and vacuumed and scraped some more, the interior was looking pretty good. The outside is, unfortunately, dotted with bird poop and it's way too cold today to wash it. One thing at a time anyway, right?

I was hoping the owners manual would shed some light on how to get the seat out. It didn't. So I googled it and figured out that either it would pop up if hit or it would be bolted in. 

Of course it was bolted. The bolt is inconveniently located in the crack of bottom and back seat. And lest you get impressed with my ability to figure this much out, let me just say it now - I called my brother who used to work on Hondas because I didn't have the patience to figure this one out for myself nor did I want to break anything. 

Bolt located, I then needed a 10mm socket and an extender because the location of this bolt is once again impossible. Well, after digging through three different tool boxes I finally found a 10mm bolt. Unfortuntely no extender. Bah!

In the middle of this process while half in and half out of the car and trying to make the socket wrench I do have work, I text a comment about the seat removal process to the wrong person. Hey, it was poor lighting and I was practically in an advanced yoga pose. It happens.

Frustrated that nothing was working as planned, I come up with the brilliant idea of having Tucker actually show me where the pen was when it got pushed down. He grudgingly comes out and says it was console in the back seat. 

Well now wait a second. That shouldn't have allowed it to be pushed down in between the seats. Is he sure? Yes he's sure. 

Hmmm. I've had my hand shoved in between the back seats covering every inch of available space and that pen is nowhere to be found. So I asked Tucker if he'd stick his hand in there and see if he could feel it.  No luck. 

I can only imagine where that pen is. And then I get the bright idea to check online and see how much a new pen would be. 

I can get a four pack for around $8. That sounds like a much better deal to me that buying an extender and trying to wrench the seat out. It would have, I'm pretty sure, sounded just as appealing if I had thought to check before I went to all the trouble of trying to take the seat out in the first place. Plus I already broke a nail and darn near shredded my finger on something.  

On the upside, I did get the interior really clean. That's gotta count for something. And somewhere Robert is doing a happy dance that he didn't have to be here for this little adventure. Who can blame him?

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