Friday, February 24, 2012

Begging for bucks

Robert and I are board members at our local Y.  Of course, Robert is currently away so I'm trying really hard to step in and represent for both of us. 

Only problem with that is that it's fundraising season at the Y. Fundraising season on top of PTO activity and mandatory volunteering with both Sara's preschools and volunteering at the Y. Not to mention my workout schedule, trying to prep for Zumba certification, and trying to get my business as a Team BeachBody Coach off the ground. 

And let's not forget everyday stuff like housework, laundry, and cooking and oh yeah - taking care of Tucker and Sara. 

So, I'm a little busy. And some days I start to get a little overwhelmed. 

This week was no exception. 

And Wednesday morning found me in the lobby of the Y trying to convince people to donate for Partnership with Youth. Because I stink at fundraising and because I'm trying to raise both my share and Robert's share, I volunteered to do this. Plus, every now and then I like to do something that's out of my comfort zone. 

I don't like to approach people, especially when I'm trying to convince them to do something. So I started off just saying hello to people coming in and trying to ignore that my legs were actually trembling. No, I'm not kidding. I'm sure my face and neck were bright red because my mouth was so dry and my voice sounded trembly. 

But I did it anyway. By 30 minutes in, it got a little better. By the time an hour was up, I was feeling almost normal again and I wasn't worried any longer about throwing up on someone's shoes. (How embarrassing would that be?!?) 

So how much money did I bring in, you may be wondering? A big, fat, zero. Although, I did get a nice little lecture about a member's disapproval that the Y is now called the Y and not the YMCA because that indicates a removal of the word 'Christian'.  Oh, and I got an offer of sailing lessons. Which actually sounds pretty cool. 

It's a good thing they don't pay me for this job, though, because I would be so fired. Like, Donald Trump style fired. 

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