Thursday, February 23, 2012

Model Behavior...Not.

Yesterday after Sara got off the bus we had enough time to hang up her book bag, unglue Tucker from his 3DS, get in the car and head to the Y for my volunteer shift.

She was whining about being hungry. Then again, she does that a lot. Both whining in general and whining about being hungry. So I have to admit it goes in one ear and out the other most of the time. 

We got to the Y, got inside and it was gym time. Which means that any of the kids old enough to walk on their own can go and run around like wild things on the basketball court. 

I, however, was on infant duty. I had a little one in my arms and I would walk to the door of the basketball court occasionally, but mostly I stayed in the child care area. Where it was safer. And more quiet. 

Not too long after we got there, Tucker came back into the child care area and wanted to stay. The only issue with that is that the Y has gotten more structured with activities so really Tucker needed to stay in the gym. I ended up having to almost order him back in there. 

Five seconds later, here comes Sara. Wanting to 'take a nap'. Uh huh. Riiiiiiight. She flops down on the carpet in front of the puzzle shelves and whines. She huuuuuuuuuungry. She's tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired. She's hooooooooooooooot. She's thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirsty. 

Just shoot me. 

I hand off the baby to one of the other child care workers and within 30 seconds the baby starts to scream bloody murder. How do you know it's loud? When you can hear one baby over 20 other running, screaming, ball throwing and kicking children from the next room. That, my friends, was one ticked off infant. 

I tried calming her down but she was having none of it, and finally Kelsey got her to fall asleep.

So I played with the kids in the gym. Mostly that involved chasing balls and convincing Sara that if she wasn't going to watch where she was going that she didn't get to be upset that she kept getting pelted with balls. And I should also mention that while I was telling her to pay attention that I got beaned in the side of the head with a ball. At least she comes by it honestly. 

For whatever reason, Sara decided she'd had enough and opened the emergency exit doors. I don't know if she was planning to make a run for it or just trying to get attention. Either way, no one was amused. I sat down on the floor to have an eye to eye chat with her about appropriate behavior only to have her drape herself over my lap like a blanket and announce that she was tired and wanted to go to sleep. So yeah, that was effective. 

After gym time, we had enough staff that we could sort the kids into older and younger groups. The older groups went into the back for crafts, puzzles and wii. The younger kids stayed in the front room and played at various stations. 

After about 30 minutes, Jennifer calls for me. Seems Tucker, who has been dominating the wii, has started to yell "SUCK IT!" when he loses. 

::sigh:: Really?!?  

So Tucker and I have a chat about appropriate behavior and language and setting a good example and blabbity blah blah blah. He gets grounded from his 3DS for 3 days. 

Soon after that, it's time to go. And of course after whining for the first half hour about not wanting to stay, they whine about not wanting to leave. 

I love helping out at the Y. I really do. But I'm starting to worry if it's just too much for the kids. And maybe too much for me at the moment.  Of course today, they got all sad that we weren't going, so heck if I know. If Sara opens those emergency doors one more time, the decision may very well be out of our hands. 

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