Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Motivation Monday - yes on Tuesday. I've been busy.

Well, I missed the midnight mark to start, much less post this so it's once again the Tuesday edition of Motivation Monday.

Why did I miss the deadline? I've been cutting out, sorting, and packaging box tops for education. Man, that is one thankless, gross job. People? Wipe the food off before you send them in. And if you could trim the edges, we'd all be grateful. Blech!

But back to the regularly scheduled post....

Want to hear some actual motivation for me this week? I bought a pair of workout pants last week that fit...and they weren't from the plus sized section. A friend of mine had given me some pants that were too big for her last year. I could get them buttoned, but I was afraid to breathe too deeply. It wasn't pretty. Bolstered by my smaller sized workout wear, I tried on a pair. HOLY COW, they not only fit, they were a little big.


So I tried them all on. And they ALL fit. Which means I can now donate or give away most of my current clothes because they are too big.

Then I got really brave and pulled out "the bin". The bin has clothes in it from the last time I felt I was a reasonable size. I was sure three years ago that if I could every wear those clothes again (the last time was in 2001) that my weight loss worries would be over.

Well, guess what. They fit. My body shape has changed somewhat, so the clothes fit a little differently, but they still fit. Comfortably.

However....I am nowhere even close to being done with my weight loss journey. I want to lose at least another 60 pounds.

I think about that woman three years ago who looked at those clothes and thought they were a reasonable size. Who WAS she? How could she think that?

I don't think I realized until that very second how far I've truly come. I'm not going to accept mediocre any more. I've done that for way too long. This is my shot to get it together and I'm not going to blow it.

Second motivational thing (at least for me) I'm jogging half a mile without stopping. I only jog about twice a week because between zumba, plyo, and weight training, I put my body through some beatings. When I'm running too frequently, my back starts to really bother me. And my toes have calluses on the ends. No pain, no gain.

And with that, I'm heading to bed. Tomorrow is plyo day. Bring it.

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