Monday, February 20, 2012

Motivation Monday

No real change in the scale this week. I'm down by less than half a pound. However. My clothes are looser and I threw on a pair of shorts this week to run something to the trash can only to discover that they were baggy enough that I won't be able to keep them up by this summer.

And to me, any measurable progress counts.

This week should also probably be known as the week of 'workout, interrupted'. Monday during Zumba, Tucker got a nosebleed and we had to leave early. Tuesday, I was trying to do Plyo at home and Sara threw a hissy fit of epic proportion, which I then answered with one of my own. I can be mature that way. Thursday night I missed Zumba because we were at a school function, and I just flat out avoided Yoga X this week.

I did hit some milestones - I trogged for 10 minutes straight and made it over half a mile. And then I lived. Truth be told, it's the reason I gave myself permission to skip Yoga X. It was flat out awesome. And I logged some serious numbers in sit ups, push ups, and pull ups.

Nicest thing anyone said to me at the gym this week (and possibly ever, actually) was someone I didn't know who walked by as I was working on biceps and said, "DAYUM! Look at her arms, man!"

No lie....I blushed. And maybe flexed just a little bit. Of course, they could have been referring to the batwings, but I choose to believe they were referring to the toned bits.

This week starts 'rest and recovery week' again.



In other fitness/workout/whatever related news, I'm now officially a Team BeachBody coach. This means I get the privilege of helping other people set and reach their fitness and weight goals. I'm very excited. Zumba training is in a little over a month and I'm not only going to be ready, I'm going to be kicking butt and taking names.

If you're interested in finding out more about Team BeachBody, let me know. I'm using P90X and Shakeology. You can't deny it's working!

Talk to you next week!

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