Monday, February 27, 2012

Lyrics in my head. HELP.

Hello, my name is Brooke and I have a lyric in my head problem.

If I know the words (and sometimes just the title) to a song and a situation comes up that reminds me of those lyrics? I get them stuck in my head.

SO annoying!

Case in point: the week I was talking so much with Chris, this is what was rattling around in my head -

I wrote a letter that I never mailed
I rehearsed the dialog in my head
in case you ever want to track me down
I'll take my cell phone to bed

This is from Crash and Burn by Sheryl Crow.

A few months ago, I downloaded a bunch of stuff from iTunes. I tend to download music in waves. Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing...WHAM! Tsunami of 80's music.

Case in point: Any of you that were more than 5 years old  in the mid to late 80's remember this?

I've got a pocket
full of holes
head in the clouds the king of fools
you've got a ribbon of rainbows
the sun in your eyes
burning through

This song is CONSTANTLY in my head. I have no idea why. I used to have the album and loved it, but I'm starting to change my mind. Go away, Icehouse lyrics. Go away, go away. Oh, and any of you that remember it or look it up and now have it stuck in YOUR head? I'm sorry.

My new obsession is a tie between dubstep which the kids also love and the song "We Are Young" by Fun.

Only then, because of my seemingly limitless mental compilation of 80's music, "We Are Young" then turns in to "Love is a Battlefield" by Pat Benatar and then back into "We Are Young" by 3OH!3.

Confused? Yeah, I get it. I'm confusing myself.

And the dubstep that gets stuck in my head is the actual music, since dubstep doesn't really have lyrics. But Sara's favorite is Hello by Going Quantum. My favorite is probably Android by Obsidia so when people are talking to me and I'm just not into the conversation, those two songs battle in my head and all I hear is Hello. Android. Hello. Android.

And then I start to smile because how bizarre is this?!? And there's no way to explain any of it without sounding like an idiot.

But after Zumba today, I've got Price Tag by Jessie J in my head:

why is everybody so serious
acting so damn mysterious
you got your shades on your eyes
and your heels so high
that you can't even have a good time...'s not about the money, money, money
we don't need your money, money, money
we just wanna make the world dance
forget about the price tag

ain't about the cha-ching cha-ching
ain't about the ba-bling ba-bling
wanna make the world dance
forget about the price tag

And now that I've written about all of these, I've got them all rolling around in my head. My dreams tonight should be interesting, that's for sure.

What songs get stuck in your head?

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