Sunday, May 29, 2011

Workout Wednesday (should have posted on 5/25)

Holy Moly! It's Wednesday again!

The kids and I are supposed to be driving to North Carolina as I type, but with the severe weather circling like a vulture over our area, I've decided to wait and leave tomorrow.  Plus, I keep hoping that someone from JC Penney will call and say that someone turned in T's DSi. :(

So! Workouts for last week. I didn't get a workout on Thursday. Friday I hit it hard at the Y, cardio and weights and abs oh my! We concentrated on shoulders and back with weights. Man! Push ups can be the pits. After that, I came home and started setting up for our yard sale on Saturday which involved lots of lifting and moving things around. Saturday from about 7 until 12, I was in the garage manning the yard sale - you know, the one with no yard sale patrons. I worked up a nice little sweat shuffling stuff around all day and also because it was humid. BLECH. We went to a birthday party at The Little Gym for one of the kids' friends, and I think Tascha and I had more fun playing and running around than the kids did.

Sunday I rode my bike to the gym, battling some serious wind all the way there. Once at the Y, I swam for about 40 minutes. If you were wondering, Froggy the great lane invader was indeed already there and had already invaded someone else's lane, so I shared with R. After that, we did some abs and then I totally wimped out on riding my bike home, which turns out that it was a good thing because there was a storm rolling in. The rest of Sunday I spent putting up all the garage sale stuff that didn't sell (so that would be all of it) so that we could park our cars in the garage again.

Monday was a pretty typical workout, Tuesday I didn't workout, and today I haven't done a doggone thing. Jillian Michaels is glaring at me from the front of her 30 Day Shred DVD case, but I'm just avoiding her gaze. I'm all procrastinate-y like that. You can't bully me, Jillian!!! ::sticking out my tongue::

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