Saturday, May 21, 2011

And that's the way it goes sometimes

A few weeks ago, I got coerced into having a yard sale today. And by coerced, I mean my friend said "Hey - there's going to be a base wide yard sale, want to participate?" I said, "Sure."

R and I got the garage, the kids' rooms, and most of the closets cleaned out in anticipation. We rented tables from Outdoor Recreation. We added our address the the official list of participants. We were mostly ready.

Then we found out that the public wouldn't have access after all. Not the best news, but not the worst either. But then on Friday afternoon, I saw a post on a Facebook page that said the base had decided to reschedule the yard sales until June 4 because of the threat of severe weather.


We had already rented the tables, gotten most of the stuff set up, so we decided to just go ahead and try. What could it hurt?

Like, no one came.We maybe had seven cars between 8 and 12. My biggest sale was $5.50.Woooo!

T and S wanted to stop cars that were driving by to get them to come Cute, but not safe.

All that work for so little results. BLAH.  And my friend that wanted to do it in the first place totally bailed on me. BLAH.

At least all stuff we want to get rid of has been cleaned and organized.

Besides, there's always the internet. Hello, Craigslist. Here we come!

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