Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Today was T's last day of kindergarten. He got on the bus at 7:30 and back off the bus around 10. School for the kindergarten classes lasted exactly one hour today. I kinda wondered why they even bothered, frankly.

We had plans today with a friend of mine to meet for lunch to celebrate her daughter's birthday. After that we ran to Sam's and then to the mall, where I literally got my workout in today by trying on swimsuits.

Sidebar: Is there anything more stressful than trying on swimsuits? Is there any lighting less flattering than dressing room lights? Just had to get that out.

Anyway, I had T's Nintendo DSi in my purse. I gave it to him so that he, S and Ally could play while I heaved, huffed, puffed, stuffed, wiggled, jiggled, and crammed myself into swimsuit after swimsuit. I'm pretty sure I tried on at least 15. I was in the last suit of the day, which was the victor purely by defeat truth be told, when Ally had to go to the bathroom. Tascha offered to take the kids to the bathroom while I got dressed. Then we'd all meet at the cash register by the bathing suits.

As I was walking to the register, my phone rang. It was Tascha, wanting to know if T had left his DSi up there. I dashed back to the dressing room and searched the area - no DSi. I checked with the nearest checkout to see if someone had possibly turned it in. They hadn't, but the clerk was nice enough to call the store lost and found to see if someone had turned it in there. No one had.

Right about that time, Tascha and the kids were coming back. T was in tears. No DSi. We retraced their path from the fitting rooms to bathroom and back several times. No DSi. The store staff went out of their way to help us look for it. Other customers expressed sympathy for T's plight. What an awful thing to have happen! T loves that DSi more than any other toy he's ever had.

As his mom, I want to make it all better. But I know this is a lesson that everyone has to learn eventually. I just didn't expect it to be today, or to be so very, very horrible to witness. I kept hoping the phone would ring tonight and that someone would tell us the DSi had been turned in. Totally didn't happen. Maybe tomorrow, but I'm not holding my breath.

I went to tuck T in tonight and the last thing he said to me was "Mom, I hope someone turns in my DSi." Aaack! I can't stand it! I have one very heartbroken kid on my hands and a little less faith in humanity tonight.


Heather said...

That sucks. Poor kiddo!

Daily Dose of Dahl said...

Thanks, Heather.