Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Trippin' Tuesday

Man, did I set myself up for failure today.

Every six to eight weeks, I have super extended chat fest with my cousin. Last night when we finally said 'bye, it was 3 am.

3 am. Ugh! I need to be up at 6.

I am sooooooo responsible. ::eye roll::

I'm too old for this stuff, but I also wouldn't trade it for anything.

I drug myself out of bed around 6:45ish (I think...I don't remember opening my eyes until I was in the shower and had lathered and rinsed) and took the fastest shower I could manage. I think I fell asleep in the shower, though, so I'm not sure how quick it actually was.

By the time I got out of the shower, S was up.

We had braided her hair last night so it would be wavy today. One of the braids had come out during the night, and when I saw that, I started taking the rest of her hair down.

That was a mistake.

S, like me, isn't very fond of mornings. This morning, she was less fond than usual. When I took the rubber bands off her hair, she lost it. I think she was trying to tell me something, but I couldn't tell what with all the shrieking and stomping around and yelling.

Since I couldn't understand her and since she wouldn't listen to me tell her that I couldn't understand what she wanted, I just went on about the business of getting ready and getting the kids ready.

It didn't go well.

T missed the bus, S screamed about her hair until I finally told her she could either deal with it and go to school or continue to scream and stay home, the kids and I had a standoff about breakfast which resulted in no one getting anything to eat before we left the house, S refused to carry her backpack or coat, and we were, of course, late. And the responsibility for that lies with me. Sigh. Being a parent is hard.

As I'm taking T to school, I realize that I'm representing all seven of Snow White's dwarfs and all before 8:30

Grumpy - dealing with the effin' screaming made me quite grumpy
Sleepy - 3 1/2 hours of sleep when I'm still battling allergies/sinuses (bad, bad idea)
Doc - administering allergy medicine and band aids before we left the house
Sneezy - doggone this area and my infernal sneezing fits first thing in the morning
Happy - I get to drop both of them off at school and take out my frustration at the gym
Bashful - in my multiple personality seven dwarf haze, I'm hesitant to talk to the other preschool moms today, especially after I snap at S when trying to get her out of the car
Dopey - staying up so late talking knowing that I needed to be up early

I just wonder if I get a happily ever after today. It's not looking good.

And by the way? S's hair today? Looked freakin' awesome, of course.


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Heather said...

LOL! I always wonder what sets off the mystery tantrums. Glad mine isn't the only one who does it!