Sunday, November 7, 2010

Falling back on my stack of good intentions

Happy Daylight Savings!

This has been a crazy week what with all my brain farts and other seemingly hilarious hijinks. This morning the kids and I, thanks to the time change, made it to the early service at church. Both T and S have been coughing a lot this week, which is pretty par for the course when the weather changes drastically, but still stinks because they don't sleep well and tend to be grouchy and more easily upset.

As we are walking back to the van, T announces that he's hungry. So we stop by a Panera Bread place and get them each a cookie and milk and then I get R a hot chocolate because he's getting sick again. Poor guy. One of the four of us has been under the weather on a rotating basis for the last six weeks or so. No fun.

We come back home and R has gone back to bed. Holy time change, he IS feeling badly. I try to keep the kids quiet and busy, which doesn't really work, so R comes down after about an hour. Surprisingly, he finds it hard to sleep with all the noise and activity. And by activity, I really mean grouchy kids. They were beautifully behaved in church, but I think they used up their daily supply of good there because it was bicker, bicker, bicker the moment we got home.

I eventually needed a moment away from the bickering, so I tag teamed R and went upstairs with the intention of taking a short time out. Of course I fell asleep, and the next thing I remember is R saying it was almost noon. Our routine has been to be at the Y by noon on Sundays. Since we'd been up since 6ish, and gotten back from church by 10:30, that should have been no problem. But we didn't get there until about 12:45. I'm signing the kids in to the childcare room and T comes up to tell me he's had an accident in his pants. I stand there momentarily stunned because T rarely has accidents. He and I head into the bathroom, and I realize that T has diarrhea. Oh no!

If he's sick, he can't be in the childcare room, plus he needs a change of clothes, so I tell the kids we have to leave. This brings tears and lots of vocal sadness because some of their friends are there and they want to stay. I totally understand and I feel horrible that they are upset, but there's no way I'm going to risk getting other people's kids sick.

Under loud protests, we head home. The rest of the evening passed mostly uneventfully, but I'm trying to decide if I should keep T home from school tomorrow. I'm also crossing my fingers, eyes, toes, legs, and arms that no one else in the house gets the stomach bug.

When I was at Walmart picking up Tums for R today, I noticed that Vicks has a vapor rub additive for vaporizers. Since we actually bought Vicks vaporizers, I bought some to hopefully help the kids sleep a little better tonight. After we put them to bed, which was blessedly easy tonight (thank you time change!), R refilled the vaporizers and added the vapor rub stuff. About an hour and a half later, you could easily smell it anywhere in the house. Heee! So we unplugged the vaporizers, lest the vapor rub goodness penetrate the walls and provide unwanted aromatherapy to the neighbors.

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