Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sinus infection Monday

Last week I felt like I'd been invaded by seasonal allergies. Attack of the killer mold spores!!! Seriously, I think this geographical area is poisoned or polluted or toxic or something as much as the fam and I have been sick in the past year or so. I think it's all the corn fields. Maybe in Field of Dreams KCos built the baseball field in an allergy fueled delirium. It's totes possible....

Saturday morning I woke up and realized my sinuses had hijacked my entire body. By hijacked, I mean felt like they'd been belted with  a hammer. My teeth even hurt. Yeech. The only thing that even remotely helped was to stand in a very hot shower. Unfortunately, I couldn't spend 24/7 in a very hot shower.  So it was pretty miserable. With the medication I'm on, I can't take certain over the counter medications - ibuprofen and most cold medicines/decongestants among them. Boo!!!!!!

So today I woke up and didn't feel any better. I dragged myself to the Y hoping that some low impact sweating would help relieve the pressure. For whatever reason, it did. I felt almost normal. WOOOHOO! It took a few hours for the effect to wear off, so between exercise and hot showers, which work well together anyway, I think I've got this thing licked.  Take that shelves full of chemically induced relief. I found my own remedy. HAHA! And no one will mistakenly think I'm trying to manufacture meth. Bonus!

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